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Revolution is my name Ir a letra

Goddamn Electric Ir a letra

Im Broken Ir a letra

Fucking Hostile Ir a letra

Piss Ir a letra

Letra de Revolution is my name

68' i was into the world, born

and the seventies were a breath after the war (vetnam)

life was confusing because of my age

should my eyes open for tomorrows gains

i can't help the way i am

there's no trust and there's no end

what is my name

(chorus) it's time for a change

it can't stay the same

forever is my name

From now on i can't look the other way

but keep in mind, and listen to what i say

take underwing all the ones who are lost

and build up around them an infinite wall

don't you know just who i am

take the hand of the wisdoms friend

what is my name

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Letra de Goddamn Electric

I've found the secret of eternal youth

Some get high on life or money

But there's an escape

Drop out the race

To walk through world by one's self

You can't be protected

Your trust is in whisky, weed and Black Sabbath

It's goddamn electric

(chorus) Don't waste your time embrace it

And then you will know yourself

The change in you is goddamn electric

The weight of the world is lifted and parted

My eyes roll blind to sights that distract

Through tunnel vision and dope haired blinders

I'll cut a path and evoke my will

To walk through the world by ones self

You can't be protected

Your trust is in whisky, weed and Slayer

It's goddamn electric

(chorus) Don't fake your life inhale it

And then you'll know yourself

The change in you is goddamn electric

Don't waste my time, embrace it

And then you'll know yourself

The change that is goddamn electric will focus the minds eye

One hand on the bottle

The other a shaking fist

Rejuvenated, yet isolated, no pressure

From the outside, my sight is goddamn electric

And these eyes have seen a world

An entire goddamn electric system


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Letra de Im Broken

I wonder if we'll smile in our coffins while loved ones

Mourn the day, the absence of our faces, living, laughing,

Eyes awake. Is this too much for them to take?

Too young for ones conclusion, the lifestyle won.

Such values you taught your son. That's how.

Look at me now. I'm broken.

Inherit my life. I'm broken.

One day we all will die, a cliched fact of life. Force fed

To make us heed. Inbred to sponge our bleed. Every

Warning, a leaking rubber, a poison apple for mingled

Blood. Too young for ones delusion the lifestyle cost

Venereal Mother embrace the los$. That's how

Look at you now. You're broken

Inherit your life. I'm broken.

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Letra de Fucking Hostile

Almost every day

i see the same face

on broken picture tube

it fits the attitude

if you could see yourself

you put you on a shelf

your verbal masturbate

promise to nauseate

today i'll play the part of non-parent

not make a hundred rules

for you to know about yoursef

not lie and make you believe

what's evil is making love

and making friends

and meeting god you're own way

the right way

To see

to bleed

cannot be taught

in turn

you're making us

fucking hostile

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Letra de Piss

Half assed for most his life

Done nothing but stand

Just because he's so small so

No one will give him a hand

The kinda guy that would steal your cast

And buy a burning house

Then call you up and invite you in

And jerk you off with a sandpaper hand

Piss in the wind

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